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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Press release: Idefendo's Witness API launched

Now everyone can get access to the iDefendo proof platform

San Francisco, USA (13 Feb, 2019)- iDefendo API is no news, not to us. We have used our API since 2015 on our platform. And we’re now excited to release it publicly, so that anyone can build on our platform and integrate our Digital Witness™ technology into their systems.

A digital witness is really what it sounds like, a witness that can help you prove what’s true, says Peter Jidesten, CEO of iDefendo. Who said what, when did what happen, who created what and when, the number of situations where having someone on your side that can corroborate what you’re saying is endless.

An API can be thought of as a language that lets computers talk to computers. That means that an API is by definition built into other things, humans do not interact with it directly. Because of that, iDefendo’s Digital Witness technology is meant to be integrated into other systems, adding value to those systems by generating supporting evidence in the background.

We have used our own API internally since 2015 continues Peter Jidesten. It’s rock solid, and really simple to implement since it’s built on the industry standard called REST. Any system that’s connected to the Internet, no matter which language it was built in or what operating system it runs on, can call our API and create witnesses for any data point. And since it’s all built on cryptographically secure hashes, we don’t need to know anything about the underlying data that we witness. That means it can be used even for highly sensitive information. We can’t wait to see what our customers will use our API for!

The iDefendo Digital Witness technology uses blockchain databases to make the stored information immutable, and we tag on to several of the largest blockchains in the world to further enhance security. There are countless areas where our Digital Witnesses can be of great value and assistance for companies and individuals who need to protect IP rights, demonstrate corporate compliance and prove data existence and provenance. Once implemented through a few easy steps, our Witness API will start creating witnesses wherever events need to be logged and proved.

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iDefendo develops tools that help creative professionals protect their work. Our blockchain-based Digital Witnesses generate supporting evidence for all kinds of intellectual property claims. iDefendo is based in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco, California.