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Thursday, December 6, 2018

This is iDefendo Digital Witnesses

The piece of evidence that are created when you use iDefendo

Our Digital Witnesses™ mathematically bind three pieces of information together: WHAT, WHEN and WHO. When you create a file a digital witness log WHAT is in the document and WHEN it was created. The last piece of information is WHO the creator of the document is. The digital witness is then inserted into the blockchain.

Our Digital Witnesses gives the user indisputable evidence that a certain document existed at a certain point in time. -says Peter Jidesten, CEO.

 It is through blockchain technology we create the Digital Witnesses that assist in proving authorship and timestamps for any kind of data or process. A Digital Witness helps you prove what is created, when it happened and who created it.

iDefendo Witness
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About iDefendo

iDefendo develops tools that help creative professionals protect their work. Our blockchain-based Digital Witnesses generate supporting evidence for all kinds of intellectual property claims. iDefendo is based in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco, California.