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Thursday, January 24, 2019

iDefendo’s Evidence Binders

Evidence Binders are evidence packages that contain everything you need to prove your side of any story.

We are very proud of our Evidence Binders™. They are just that, binders with all your evidence in them. When you use iDefendo we generate Digital Witnesses™ for you. These Digital Witnesses are then collated with extensive logging data to make up the Evidence Binders. For example, when you create a file iDefendo creates a Digital Witness for you. These witnesses with all the information that they contain, such as who created the file and when it happened and what the file contained, are then locked into the blockchain. All this information is gathered in the Evidence Binders and can be downloaded if you need to prove anything related to your files.

When you really need the documentation we provide with our service, it is good to know that all the information you need is collected is one convenient place. If you should ever be involved in a dispute you can rely on that all the evidence you need regarding your files and documentation is right there in your Evidence Binder. -says Peter Jidesten, CEO

Digital Witnesses are created in many situations when using iDefendo. For example, when you share files, when someone download a file you send, when a new version of a file is created in Dropbox. We make sure to log everything. You never know when you’re going to need it.

iDefendo’s Evidence Binders
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iDefendo develops tools that help creative professionals protect their work. Our blockchain-based Digital Witnesses generate supporting evidence for all kinds of intellectual property claims. iDefendo is based in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco, California.