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Friday, October 11, 2019

CEO Peter Jidesten to serve on INTA Committee

Will serve on the Anti Counterfeit Committee 2020-2021 term

iDefendo are proud to announce that our CEO Peter Jidesten has been appointed to serve on International Trademark Association's (INTA) Anti Counterfeit Committee. Peter Jidesten will serve the term 2020-2021. 

 INTA is an organization for trademark owners and legal professionals working with trademark and intellectual property. INTA’s members are more than 7,000 organizations from 187 countries. Counterfeiting is one of the most challenging issues INTA’s brand owner members face.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity to help combat counterfeit products says Peter Jidesten, CEO of iDefendo. We can now develop new tools. Blockchain has opened up new possibilities in the fight against counterfeit and we are looking forward to discuss this with the worlds leading experts in this field. 

INTA supports the development and passage of legislation, regulations, and trade agreements throughout the world that increase national and international enforcement mechanisms against counterfeiting. Through the organization’s Anticounterfeiting Committee, and partnerships with governments and committed associations, INTA emphasizes the importance of strong anticounterfeiting measures and increased awareness of the harms of counterfeiting. The committee evaluates treaties, laws, regulations, procedures and other enforcement mechanisms with respect to anticounterfeiting and enforcement; and advocates policies to advance protection against counterfeiting and infringement; provide anticounterfeiting and enforcement education.

CEO Peter Jidesten to serve on INTA Committee
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